Fjord Next will help you

land your dream project

Fjord Next is a Fund

We created it to renew our capabilities and craft, while catalyzing innovative and interesting work for you. If you have a BIG idea that will lead to BIG impact, but your client is wary about the associated cost and risk, we can use Fjord Next’s co-funding model to encourage them to move forward with us.

Send us a Proposal

Think where your clients needs overlap with one of the strategic themes areas below. When we find the right match, we can co-invest so your clients will want to take a leap with us. You can choose the format of the proposal.

Think and Articulate

What does Fjord get from the investment and is this commensurate with the size of investment ?

Typically we are looking for agreement on:
1) IP
2) client video testimonial
3) preferential position on follow on work
• How is this idea really innovative?
• How is this exploring a new boundary?
• Is this a problem that is specific to a client or industry wide?
• Should the client really just be paying for this work ?
• Can the proposed solution be used more widely?
• What is the size of investment required / timing on return?
• What does the client get from this investment ?
• How does the idea leverage assets Fjord / Accenture already has ?

Fjord Next Themes

Future of Business


Creating the tools, methods, playbooks and assets to help accelerate how we envision and design the transformation journey for our clients to become Living Businesses.

• Living Business
• Design-Led Strategy
• Future of Industry | Targeted verticals
Lead: Ajay Easo

Emerging Touchpoints


Discovering new ways in which people interact with emerging technologies, connected spaces and digitally enabled physical products.
• Extended Reality (XR)
• Computer Vision
• Voice Recognition
• Connected Space (IoT)
• Wearables
Lead: Greg Carley

Design Intelligence


Shifting from designing one experience for many, to designing many experiences for one with constantly changing needs.
• (Quantitative) Data Informed Design
• Designing for AI
• Service Personalization
Lead: Nate Shetterley